Doctor Daniel Green is a unique individual. Generous with his time and talent he gets by with about two hours of sleep a night. But how can a simple country physician maintain a medical practice and keep up his farm with so little rest?

When a young boy is hurt playing at the Green's, thankfully Dr. Dan is there to help. But the investigation into the accident soon raises more questions than it answers. How did Dan run to the accident scene? Could he move a 5,000 lb tractor?

Extraordinary by any standard... but Daniel Green is 74 years old - and a cripple.

The sheriff goes up to the farm to straighten out the story, but Dan is distracted by his wife who has been ill for some time. Tired and lonely, Dr. Dan still welcomes the visit because the sheriff surprised Dr. Green with an old friend and his roommate from medical school.

When the sheriff leaves, Dan (impulsively) invites the two med-students back that evening to reminisce. But dinner at the Green farm turns out to be much more than anyone could have anticipated.

Over the meal, the secret of Dan's stamina is revealed. He has discovered the fountain of youth. Literally. And the doctor's guests quickly realize they have much to gain. But the evening has a few other surprises that are not so pleasant.

When curiosity is clouded by addiction and friendship corrupted by greed... the results can be deadly.