The Mainardi Brother's film company is named after their father, Angelo "Mike" Mainardi, who passed away eight years ago. He imbued his sons with an old school work ethic, which has served them well in their business endeavors. "Mike" Mainardi was the oldest of seven children and grew up in West Philadelphia, the son of Italian immigrants. He had the perverbial "hands of gold" and could build or fix just about anything... electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concrete, etc. He was a great father and husband, providing for his family while being employed at Atlantic Richfield for 38 years. He retired as the only supervisor for the company who did not have a college degree, having left high school after his sophomore year to help support his family. He loved the shore and (whenever possible) loved to fish.

As the namesake for the company, we're certain he would be both extremely flattered and extremely proud of his two sons.

"Here's to you, Pop."